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Clair Andrews
Veterinary Physiotherapist AdvCertVPhys

Remedial Massage Therapist LCSP(Assoc)
Equine Sports Massage Therapist ITEC Dip ESMA


Veterinary Physiotherapy
Equine Veterinary Physiotherapy
Human/Remdial Massage
Canine Veterinary Physiotherapy

“Qualification & affiliation”


Clair has since a young age had a love of animals, particularly horses, wanting nothing more than to spend as much time with them as possible.

In 1998 Clair was taught by the world renowned equine physiotherapist Mary Bromiley MBE to qualify as an Equine Sports Massage Therapist. This was after gaining a massage qualification as one of the prerequisities of applying for the course. Clair joined the Equine Sports Massage Association, and has for many years been an active committee member until retiring in 2014. Clair has also trained as a BHSAI.

1998 was the year in which Working in Harmony formed. The object of “Working in Harmony” is to use skilled techniques to help the individual to relax and allow the body to use itself correctly. This in turn can help improve the performance of the horse and rider individually or as a combination together.

In 2005 Clair gained her diploma in Remedial Massage at the highly respected Northern Institute of Massage at Bury. This has greatly enhanced the "human" practice.

Summer 2014 was when Clair has fulfilled a lifelong dream to become a Veterinary Physiotherapist. This has allowed Clair the scope to be able to offer help to horses and now dogs in a wide variety of ways.

With all the knowledge combined with her experience, Clair is able to offer sound advice to enable the individual to be “Working in Harmony”.

Experienced practitioner committed to working with all patients for their maximum benefit.

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