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Clair Andrews
Veterinary Physiotherapist AdvCertVPhys

Remedial Massage Therapist LCSP(Assoc)
Equine Sports Massage Therapist ITEC Dip ESMA


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Human/Remdial Massage
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“Remedial massage”

For thousands of years massage has been used for its therapeutic and healing effects on the body. While it has not always been understood why massage worked, the positive results were recognised and appreciated. From the relief of muscular and skeletal pain to the treatment of a wide range of conditions and ailments, massage has proven effective tool for medicinal healing and general body maintenance.

Modern advances in science and medicine have brought with them a better understanding of how and why massage works. A better understanding of the biomechanics of the body has also brought important advances in massage itself. The increased knowledge has allowed for refinement of existing techniques and has allowed development of new approaches.

Today, massage has again entered the medical mainstream and is seen by many as an important adjunct to qualified medical treatment.

Remedial massage can play an important role in the restoration and maintenance of bodily health and fitness. With the combination of a sound understanding of anatomy, physiology and specific massage techniques, help can be given with relief of pain and tension to enhance the natural healing process.

Remedial massage can offer a host of benefits:

Lower back pain
Joint discomfort
Muscular aches
Training limitations

Examination of your body posture, work, hobbies, lifestyle and temperament.


Massage is a very skilled art, performed through the hands of a qualified therapist.

• It is instinctive and one of the oldest forms of natural medicine.
• Massage is non invasive but extremely effective in the treatment of both acute or chronic problems.
• Massage also helps prevent injury.
• After exersion massage minimises stiffness.
• Benefits of massage is not exclusive to athlete's or the injured. You don't have to be suffering to enjoy a relaxing massage.




Who would benefit .... You!

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