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Clair Andrews
Veterinary Physiotherapist AdvCertVPhys

Remedial Massage Therapist LCSP(Assoc)
Equine Sports Massage Therapist ITEC Dip ESMA


Veterinary Physiotherapy
Equine Veterinary Physiotherapy
Human/Remdial Massage
Canine Veterinary Physiotherapy

“Canine Veterinary Physiotherapy”

In addition to Clair’s thriving "human" and equine practice, Clair is now trained to offer Veterinary Physiotherapy not only to horses but also for our doggy friends too!!

It is often possible to detect a problem before it affects an animals mobility. Veterinary Physiotherapy can prove extremely beneficial not only for our domesticated pets but also in working dogs, agility dogs or racing greyhounds. Veterinary Physiotherapy can be an important part of the routine care of your dog.

The Veterinary Physiotherapy principles apply exactly the same to our canine friends, from routine care of our elderly dogs to working/agility dogs to dogs with the multiple orthopaedic and neurological problems they can acquire, such as:
• Hip/elbow dysplasia
• Patella luxations
• Cruciate ligament ruptures
• Osteo arthritis
• Wobbler syndrome
• Bicep tendonitis
• Spinal surgery, cases both pre and post operatively
• Fractures
• Trauma cases
• Neurological conditions
• CDRM (Congenitive Degenerative Myelopathy)
• OCD (Osteochondrosis Dissecans)
• Propriceptive deficits


All treatments are performed with referral or permission of the treating veterinary surgeon in accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966.


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